Quarterly Publication
Original Article Law Studies
International Legal Framework Governing Artificial Reefs, with a Review of Iran’s Regulations

Seyed mohammad Tabatabaeinejad; Foroogh Torabi

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 1-11


  Converting unused offshore oil and gas installations into artificial reefs as one of the alternative methods of decommissioning, is used in many coastal states across the globe for the purposes of coastal management, enhancement and attraction of living marine resources, protection and preservation goals. ...  Read More

Original Article Oil and Gas Economics and Management
Strategic Planning of Procurement and Supply system in the Iranian Oil Terminals Company

Azadeh Dabbaghi

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 13-24


  Rapid changes and competitions in today's world have shifted the role of governmental enterprises into regulating and directing activities. This has led to the need for the analysis of internal/ external situations and the revision of strategic planning of such companies. The Iranian Oil Terminals Company, ...  Read More

Original Article Oil and Gas Economics and Management
Uncertainty Analysis on Factors Affecting the Technological and Innovative Levels of Surface Facilities of Crude Oil Treatment at National Iranian Oil Company

Vali Allah Roshan; Reza Radfar; Abbas Toloie

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 25-42


  Context/purpose: Factors affecting the technology, and innovation levels of crude oil treatment’s surface facilities, are numerous and extensive. Localization of surface facility as a high-tech Technology, which include oil and gas production and processing units, has always been one of the main ...  Read More

Original Article Energy Management and Engineering
COVID and Energy Sector in DSGE Model

Azam Ahmadyan; Mohamad Nasr Esfahani

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 43-59


  COVID affects various sectors of the economy, including energy. Measuring these effects on the energy sector can help policymakers adopt appropriate protectionist policies. In this paper, the effect of COVID shock on energy and non-energy sectors has been investigated using the DSGE model. For this purpose, ...  Read More

Original Article Oil and Gas Economics and Management
Evaluating the Asymmetric Causal Relationship between Hydrocarbon products Consumption and Economic Growth in Iran

Parastoo Boroomandfar; Alireza Daghighi Asli; Azadeh Mehrabian; Marjan Damankeshideh

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 61-75


  This paper analyzes the existence of an asymmetric causality relationship between the consumption of hydrocarbon products in four sectors: residential-commercial, manufacturing, agricultural, and transportation, and the economic growth of Iran during the years 1981-2017. To achieve this goal, the effect ...  Read More

Original Article Oil and Gas Economics and Management
The Effect of Covid-19 Outbreak on Registered Oil Companies at Tehran Stock Exchange

Mortaza Baky Haskuee; Parisa Rouhi Fard; Afrooz Farazandeh; Abdolreza Shakeri

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 77-87


  The goal of this paper is to study the effect of Covid-19 outbreak on oil markets volatility.Covid-19 as a pandemic has a significant negative effect on global economy.  Alongside the global economy, stock markets responded to the outbreak immediately. The first case appeared in February 20 in Iran.  ...  Read More