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1 University of Tehran( College of Farabi)

2 college of Farabi, University of Tehran



According to the form-out agreement the investor of the international petroleum agreement “farmor”, during the implementation of the project and due to various reasons such as lack of finance resources and/or incapability of contract performance, assigns provision of required investments for the purpose of performing an upstream oil project and/or certain operations (well drilling) under the upstream contract to other entities “farmee”, and generally in case of fulfillment of the aforementioned affairs by the farmee, the farmor transfers to the farmee a percentage of its participating interest in the international petroleum agreement upon permission from the host country. In line with this, through evaluating the upstream contracts in Iran, as well as the necessities for attracting investments for the purpose of performing such contracts, it is possible to find out the importance of clause concerning the assignment of contract in order for creating required legal instruments for entering into the farm-out agreement in accordance with the rules and regulations. So that through concluding farm-out agreement between the present and the potential investors, prevent emerging difficulties arising out of mere assignment of the contract to the potential investors during the implementation of upstream contracts.


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