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1 Author

2 Farabi Campus, University of Tehran

3 Department of Technology and Innovation Policy Group, national research institute for science policy (NRISP), Tehran, Iran.



In this descriptive qualitative research with case study research strategy, the Iranian oil industry innovation system in the form of adopting a structural and functional approach (systemic approach) in depth and in its natural context from the perspective of the participants studied. Based on theoretical framework that includes five systemic components of innovation system, actors and relationships between them have been identified. In order to ensure validity of the structure, multiple information sources (interviews, observations and document analysis) is used. Also to achieve external validity, previous theories have been used as the initial theoretical framework of the research. The absorption and development of strategic knowledge and technologies of the oil industry was introduced as the main function of the system and three sub-functions identified for it. Identifying 29 existing structural and functional challenges from the perspective of experts has complemented the understanding of this system. Finally, policy proposals are presented.


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