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Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty member of Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)

2 Petroleum University of Technology

3 Petroleum University of Technology-Tehran Faculty of Petroleum


Today, Research and Development (R&D) activities in petroleum incubators are of vital importance and it is necessary to investigate different ways of commercializing the patents of these activities. The formulation of petroleum incubator strategy and coordinating it with technology strategy and corporate strategy can reduce the technology development and commercialization time period and creates comparative advantages. In this paper we develop an itemized model to draw a bead on the activities of petroleum incubators in a patent portfolio framework and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of petroleum incubators. The model includes several categorized items that can be taken into account stage by stage. If this model is deployed in steady stages, the petroleum incubator can ensure that every new created idea will commercialize undoubtedly. Moreover, a considerable characteristic of the proposed model is the existence of programs for the patents application in prevailing and new created markets and also commercializing the patents of R&D activities to prevent the accumulation of unused knowledge in petroleum incubators. At the end of the paper, some suggestions to employ the model in real-life situations are recommended.