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Document Type : Original Article


1 Aculty of law, Tehran University, National Iranian Oil Company, Tehran,Iran

2 Associate professor,Faculty of law, Tehran University,Tehran,Iran

3 Professor, Faculty of Law, Farabi Collage, University of Tehran,


In spite of decades from its establishment, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has failed to get the reputation of a prosperous international company. This failure may be due to different reasons but the role of directors in the success of the company is undeniable. How to have efficient directors and therefore a strong board of directors is a challenge that in its response is raised the concept of Good Corporate Governance that by crushing this concept, It will be applied it in the process of appointment directors. The research intends to scrutinize and describe the process of board of directors' appointment from Good Corporate Governance point of view, identifying NIOC advantages and disadvantages thereof. It was found that some indicators of Good Corporate Governance principles such as specialized diversity of board composition are desirable and minimum competencies are less and there is no independent managers criteria. At first hereto, the process is described in three sections: appointment entity, board qualifications and nomination process and following is brought its analysis by using descriptive-analytic method. In conclusion, suggestions are made in regards with enhancing standards of NIOC Good Corporate Governance about board of directors' appointment .