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Document Type : Original Article


1 PhD Candidate, Department of Accounting, Damavand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Damavand, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, Damavand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Damavand, Iran


The purpose of this study is to level the optimal analytical topics for evaluating the cost of petrochemical stock in the capital market. In this study, which was synthetic and inductive-deductive in terms of data collection method, 12 accounting and financial management specialists at the university level participated as panel members in the quality department. In fact, in the qualitative part, which used meta-synthesis and Delphi analysis, the aim was to identify the optimal analytical themes for the valuation of cost-effective stocks and then, in a small section with the participation of 16 petrochemical brokers, to classify the identified statements in the form of a total interpretive structural modelling based on impact priority. Therefore, relying on meta-synthesis analysis, 12 studies were first evaluated as the basis for evaluation to determine the optimal analytical themes of cost-based stock valuation based on critical evaluation, based on which 11 themes were selected propositions and entered into Delphi analysis to determine theoretical adequacy. In this stage, 3 propositions were removed during the two stages of Delphi analysis and a total of 8 analytical propositions of stock valuation were economically entered into the quantitative analysis section, ie total interpretive structural analysis. In this section, the results show the most influential analytical themes of cost-effective stock valuation in the petrochemical industry, two statements of normal stock market price analysis based on the current rated price of "K2" and a focus on the net asset value is "K3", which is at the fourth level of this model.