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1 Business administration Department, Roudehen branch, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen-Iran

2 Department of Educational Sciences and Consulting (Management &Accounting),Roudehen Branch Islamic Azad University,Roudehen,Iran

3 Business administration department, Firouzkouh branch, Islamic Azad University, Firouzkouh, Iran


To be in line with the new environmental paradigms, the present study aims to design an Eco-friendly marketing pattern in Iran’s oil industry. The methodology is a sequential exploratory one. In the qualitative section, grounded theory is used. The creative data were gathered through a theoretical sampling of in-depth, semi-structured interviews of 15 experts from the oil industry. The initial model of the research was achieved with 19 (major) factors which were divided into 6 aspects according to the experts’ views: causal circumstances, the major factor, background circumstances, interventions, strategies and consequences. Next, in the quantitative section, the validity of the research was investigated through a surveying method and the questionnaire tool. The statistical population includes a limited number of managers and experts from the oil industry in research and planning fields, counting up to 170 people from whom 118 were selected through random sampling. After evaluating the reliability of the questionnaire, the questions themselves were validated and their number was narrowed down. Carrying out an explanatory factor analysis, the components were reduced to 14 and the dimensions to 5. The relationship between the dimensions was assessed through the correlation test and then the final pattern was designed. Eventually, the theory of the study was developed under the supervision of experts. The significant results of this study were finding the interventions, including productivity, governmental support, social institutions, and sustainable development along with the strategies, including reviewing the energy section structure, improving the managers’ perspectives and developing the green investments.


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