Quarterly Publication
Interpretive Ranking of Inertia Characteristics in the Auditing Profession to Enhance the Auditors Independence in Petrochemical Industry

Azam Rowshanali; Rezvan Hejazi; Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar; Bizhan Abedini; Hamid Rostamijaaz

Volume 6, Issue 4 , October 2022


  Therefore, this study, understanding the importance of independence functions in the audit profession, seeks to identify the characteristics of inertia as a stimulus for independence in auditing Petrochemical Industry in order to act on its interpretive ranking. This research is mix method due to the ...  Read More

The Effect of Petrochemical Industry on Relationship between Information Asymmetry about Investment Risk and Financing Choice

Abbas Alimoradi; Najme Rajabdorry

Volume 2, Issue 2 , May 2018, , Pages 28-37


  Though it is generally accepted that information asymmetry has an impact on capital structure policy, the nature of the information asymmetry is not well understood. Recent theoretical works and empirical evidences suggest that financing choice depends upon the information asymmetry about investment ...  Read More