Recognition of the Effects of Transformational Leadership on Shaping Employee Citizenship Behavior (Case Study: National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company - Tehran Region)

Document Type: Original Article


M.A. in Business Management and Faculty Member of management Group, Khatam Anbia University, Tehran


The transformational leadership is known as one of the most important and effective factors on organizational behaviors of the employee. Creation of the motivation and energy in the employees requires a leader with inspirational qualities. On the other hand, the organizational citizenship behavior is a factor in shaping. The current study was aimed at investigating the effects of transformational leadership on the employees’ organizational citizenship behavior. In addition, some personality traits are revealed in this study to be one of the main factors shaping the behaviors and to be moderating variables. The current study is of applied type in terms of the objective and a descriptive-correlational study in terms of data collection procedures. The data needed for the purpose of the study were collected by the use of questionnaire distributed among The 242 persons of statistical population, and these data have been analyzed by Structural Equations Modelling. The results indicated that all six hypotheses of the study were approved. In other words, the transformational leadership has positive and significant effects on both individual and organizational aspects of the organizational citizenship behavior. Also, the positive moderating role of neuroticism and extroversion in effects of transformational leadership on the individual and organizational aspects of organizational citizenship behavior was approved. The results show that the statistical community can utilize its human resources potential to create competitive advantage and develop the voluntary activities of its employees, provided that it is able to optimally implement transformational leadership style.