A Hybrid Swing-xTOPSIS: An Application of Ranking the Vendors at Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC)

Document Type: Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, Energy Economics & Management Department, Petroleum Faculty of Tehran, Petroleum University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Project Management Office, Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC), Tehran, Iran



Since a large number of the oil and gas projects are related to the supply chain, the selection of contractors and suppliers is very important. In projects, a contractor is obliged to supply the goods from suppliers and manufacturers approved by the clients, while most companies in Iran, including the company surveyed in this research, i.e. Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC, do not have a scientific approach to this issue). The main objective of this research is providing a scientific and practical approach to ranking suppliers and contractors at IOEC and selecting the best ones. In order to achieve such an objective, an integrated model of Swing and TOPSIS methods with fuzzy approach has been designed and applied to a real case. The actual data used are obtained from the post-lay survey of the exports and infield pipelines of South Pars development phases 13, 14, and 22.
Keywords: Supplier Selection, multi attribute decision making (MADM), Oil and Gas, IOEC, Swing, Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS), Fuzzy, Pipelines