A Fuzzy Model for Measuring Organizational Strategy Alignment: A Case Study on South Pars Projects of Iran’s Oil Industry

Document Type: Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Energy Economics and Management, Tehran Faculty of Petroleum, Petroleum University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 PhD Student in Business Management and Insurance Expert at POGC



For every organizational and project activity, decisions should be made to delegate necessary resources. The objective of the current paper is to assist the oil and gas managers in aligning each functional level of strategy to make decisions on resource delegation. This can be conducted by creating a synergy which increases organizational performance. The methodology used in this research is based on a case study on Iran’s South Pars oil and gas zone. The purpose of the present work is to find the alignment pattern classified on social structuralism domain.
This study is explanatory, qualitative, and developmental since it applies the fuzzy set theory to measurements. Presented herein is a comprehensive model according to the systematic and scientific approaches in the field of management. The main purpose of this model is to create organizational strategy alignment in severe environmental conditions and in the presence of external economic sanctions in South Pars oil and gas projects. The statistical society included in this study were the managers and CEO’s who had in-depth experience in South Pars projects for more than five years. Since the number of the managers were 43, the possibility of data gathering allowed for not using the sample size. The results show that by increasing strategic alignment (SA) among strategy functions, structure, human resource, and technology, the level of organizational performance rises, and the fuzzy model of SA leads to better statement reality.