Knowledge Management Pattern for Project-Based Organizations in Energy Industry: A Grounded Theory Study

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1 IT Department , Management Faculty, Islamic Azad University, South Branch, Valiasr Complex , Tehran , Iran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology Management, College of Management, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

3 Personnel Manager ,National Oil Company , Tehran, IRan



Knowledge Management Pattern for Project -based organizations
using Grounded Theory (case study: Energy Industry)
One of the most crucial strategic challenges of organizations for achieving success and competitive advantage is related to knowledge management (KM) activities .Project based organizations(PBO) of Energy Industry is responsible for producing , retaining and using huge amount of knowledge . In order to manage it effectively , it is necessary to use a customized KM pattern of which is fit into specific factors of the PBOs. The main objective of this paper is to present a customized knowledge management pattern considering PBO charachteristics of the under investigated Engery Industry by using Grounded Theory (GT). Needed information is gathered by semi-structured interview with experts and reviewing recent papers.By using open ,axial and selective coding,components of final model and their relations are found. Results showed nineteen main concept and five secondary concepts which are formed in “reasonal situations”,”intervention situations”,”strategies”, “central components” and “effects