A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Model on the Fuels for Public Transport, with the Use of Hybrid ROC-ARAS Method

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Petroleum University of Technology


The motivation of this paper is the way in which the alternative fuel modes for public transport are analyzed. The aim is proposing a hybrid method to select the best fuel for public transport. The buses with old and new alternative fuels are considered in this paper. Several types of fuels are considered as alternative-fuel modes, e.g., conventional diesel, ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, bio-diesel fuel, and electric and gasoline hybrid engine. Moreover, many decision criteria categorized into performance, environmental, economical, infrastructure, technological, social, and risk are taken into consideration. The paper uses a hybrid multi-criteria decision analysis model to rank the fuel modes and/or choose the most efficient one. This hybrid method consists of rank order centroid method to assign the weights to the criteria, and additive ratio assessment technique to analyze the decision-making matrix. To demonstrate the applicability and flexibility of the model, a case study with data given by the experts from the respected fields is employed. The result presents that the liquefied propane gas (LPG) outperforms the other options in terms of the selected criteria.