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1 Assistant Professor, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, iran

2 Assistant Professor, Payam e Noor University, Tehran, Iran


One of the requirements for the formation of stability in regions and sub-regions is the creation of regional security complexes. The necessity of creation these regional security complexes is the existence of security orders which are outcomes of regional actors’ agreements to control internal crisis and challenges and to manage the level of external interventions in regional affairs. Due to its geopolitical, geo-strategic and geo-economic importance, especially in the oil field, the West Asian region has a great impact on the international security of the oil market, and the formation of an endogenous regional security complex can provide the necessary basis for oil security. The strengthening and expansion of the Axis of Resistance strategy under Islamic Republic of Iran leadership in formation a regional security complex could ensure oil security, as much as possible. This article studies the central impact of the Axis of Resistance strategies, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran in ensuring oil security through the formation of regional security complex. Countering unilateralism in oil market management, countering US-managed chaos to gain new customers in the oil market, and countering oil conversion as a financial source for international terrorism are some of the strategies of the Axis of Resistance and the Islamic Republic of Iran in this regard.


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